Announcement: Trust LP Out Now | Download

I’m happy to finally write that the full length CD of Trust is available! The album is online at Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp. It was in production for some 4 years now. I’ve decided to make it downloadable for free. You can buy the physical CD for $14.99. Click here to read some reviews.

I’d like to press Trust on vinyl, so I’ll be using any proceeds made from sales or donations to fund it.


Reviews from Trust (EP):

Trust EP was six songs, which are included on the LP.

Romvari’s talent is undeniable, even eye-opening. His songs are lush with dreamy melodies, mellowed out, sluggish glaze, heart-felt lyrics, and even melancholy (on the song “Emerald Dream Thief,” which somehow reminds us a bit of Melpo Mene), but in a beautiful way, like artists such as Nick Drake and Elliott Smith were so good at. – IndieRockCafe

Trust EP is a surreal-sounding album, with hints of melodies which seem to transport you into your own world. The band’s name may be a bit contrasting with the album’s name (Trust + Imaginary seems to cancel each other out), but once you hear it, you’ll definitely appreciate it. –FrostClick

Ben writes beautiful, dreamy acoustic indie pop ballads that are equally reminiscent of Seven Swans-era Sufjan Stevens and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Acoustic guitar and lullaby-sweet lyrics are accented by glockenspiel flourishes.-MusicalPairings

I’d also like to thank Eric Chaves for his drumming work on this album. You can find him at


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  1. Sydney

    I love this music– it has many different feels, so whatever I’m feeling, I can listen to it and it will match my mood. :) It’s just mellow enough. I found Ben’s Imaginary Band on one of my daily music looking-ups, and as soon as I heard it (and saw the name of the band, which I thought was funny :p) I fell in love with it. It’s wondrous, it’s perfect, it’s indescribable…c’est le pied! Within the first day of listening (which was yesterday) I have told everyone I know who appreciates good music to look up Ben’s Imaginary Band. It’s just that awesome. :) I have to say it by far outshines the Shins at times, which is EPIC, because I love the Shins.
    Anyway, I hope that more music is on the way, because I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for enlightening me with such angelic and beautiful lyric and song. :D

  2. hey, i’ve been hooked on your stuff for months, fantastic! love your work. just the your style, and your whole feel, its addictive! hahah. anyway, keep going, and keep writting, i urge you!

    – sean harrison (singapore)

  3. Victoria

    I just discovered you today! Your music is amazing! Completely in love with it.

  4. Hallo.
    I first discovered you on Jamendo and I just wanted to say I like your work.Its incredible.
    OK anyway,I’ve got an idea about music videos.Perhaps you could approach an art school and form a collaboration with the students there?

  5. I loooove it! Both the song and the video, of course :)

  6. kyle

    nice job good sound man

  7. Jaro

    Heh, I also found you on Jamendo. I think your album is very good. Don’t worry a bit about peoples motivations to buy. Your music is good enough it sells even when it is offered with no price.

    The only music I pay nowadays is free music anyway.

  8. Lauren

    Just beautiful. Keep up the great music!
    I really love Perspective of a Mosquito, although all the songs on Truth are dreamily gorgeous.

    Definatly recommending you to my friends :)

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this music. It’s absolutely amazing.

  10. graham

    wow. i really love this. i heard about it from videos. he is so funny. this music is easy to listen to any time. it seems like whenever i have a “void” feeling there is always something that comes to fill the empty space. i will see if i have any money to buy it.

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