This is me, Benjamin Romvari, currently the sole member of Ben’s Imaginary Band. The band, not being a real band, consequently never formed. And so, there is little to tell about its history. I’ll say I came up with the name roughly nine years ago (2003), after going through many other names (which, I won’t say.) But, other than that, if you want, I could cite a little of my musical history for you.

So, I was six years old, my parents bought a violin from the local buy-sell-and trade, took me to a local violin teacher, and I took lessons from her for just over a year. That was pretty much it for a long time. Say, eight years long. It wasn’t until the age of 15 that I finally decided to try music again. I picked up an acoustic guitar with pretty much the same intention any 15-year-old boy picks up a guitar; in an attempt to impress a girl. So I went about learning every song I thought sounded pretty. After learning numerous punk songs and a couple other pop hits, I decided that it was time to start singing. I practiced much during this time.

Well, long story short, a year went by. My parents bought me my first electric guitar, and I decided to write music. So, after an interesting, yet terrifying Halloween, I wrote my first song, recounting the evening’s events. Then, in all its ballad glory, I recorded it the same day using a computer microphone (you know, the ones you use for voice chat.) The end result was a little embarrassing, but, my friends were impressed. So that was enough motivation to buy some low-end recording equipment.

I’ve been writing and recording around one song around every three months ever since. My songs eventually matured, and some four years ago, I took the ones I felt matched, and put them in my debut CD, Nocturnal Fables and Illusions.

Since then, I had moved to a small island off the Georgia Straight. While there, I lived in a recording studio. The island has an estimated population of about 2,500 during the winter, so it was a fairly solitary environment. I taught myself to play a banjo and trumpet (or at least make noise with them). I later moved to Vancouver and recorded the last few parts of the second full-length release, Trust LP.

If you’ve made it down to here, then I’m not as bad of a writer as I thought – or, you’re a very dedicated reader. Well, either way, thanks for listening!

Some General Info:

x|Birthday: December 12, 1987

x|Birth Place: Budapest, Hungary

x|Residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada

x|Email Info: mail@bensimaginaryband.com


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  1. Christina

    I like it too ^^ really talented

  2. beej

    I think its very artistic and just great…

    Keep the passion and the music coming.

    Goodluck and hope to hear more from you in the future.


  3. Johanna

    Wow, you’re exactly two weeks older than me.^^ And yes, I’ve read your whole biography and no, you’re not a bad writer. ;D
    I really like your music, especially the song “My Self-centered World”. I love the melody and the lyrics to which I can relate to myself… I like the sad feeling it produces… Please don’t give up on your music! It’s great!

  4. Moon

    You’re awsome !

    I mean you’re voice is awsome. Not exactly your voice… But the sound. Yeah, that’s it. Your sound’s exceptionnal. It seems you sing just next to me, in my ear…

    Fabulous ! I bought ‘Nocturnal Fables and Illusions’, without any advice. I heard it, and ‘wouaaah !’ it just legen… (wait for it…) dary !

    Excuse my awful english, I hope you understand.
    Good night.

  5. sydney

    Hi Ben! Sorry tis been so long. I just had a comment: that part at the beginning of Underwater Waltz, the whistling? It reminds me of Lord of the Rings when Gandalf is whistling for the horse. Yeah. Ok.
    Haha well good luck playing live, I know you’re awesome!
    Yay Ben!
    -Sydney :)

  6. proslaviy

    Hi, how I can send PM?

  7. Imaginary Ben

    You can contact me at mail@bensimaginaryband.com

  8. Yes.. That sure was a terrifying halloween..
    Great new site, keep up the great work!

  9. Gryndul

    Long time overdue Ben! I love the CD. Gonna send it out as Xmas presents. It’s hard to put into words seeing someone mature artistically and produce something like this! I look forward to seeing where your music continues to take you.

  10. Asica

    absolutnie wystrza. you are one of the best young artists i`ve met.I love your music and lyrics, especjaly Underwater Waltz.it`s nice, sensitive and moving one.
    Your voice is amazing and smooth…great.

  11. Hey I like your music, i told my friend about it. I like the cave song! See ya later and have a nice Christmas

  12. Hey dude i just realized somthing. You might want to get a friend that sounds like you or somthing, see you dual channel voice tricks people into thinking and remembering a duo. I didnt piece it together before. So in other words you might now do 100% on jamendo without that feel lingering on. I do like your music though. Real nice stuff. I’m taking it your a good person. I hope I helped enjoy the holidays.

  13. domingo

    not bad at all…you really have a good voice, but sometimes you are too much out of tune
    work on it

    anyway, the songs aren’t bad ,)

  14. Hans

    Dude, you still be the only one on my music files who can get me out of my deepmoods…
    Don’t know how, Don’t know why and I don’t want to know. But you do it every times it goes bad.
    I want to thanks you.

    I don’t want to be consider as a fanatic’, but I’m from Hungrary… LOL

    I hope to ear your next Album, I’ve discored the first, and the only one on Jamendo.

    God bless Jamendo! LOL

    Thanks you.

    Hans, from Mtrl

  15. Museanne

    what a wonderful discovery! thanks. The pieces carry us elsewhere . Very good!!!

  16. kahte

    I sincerely enjoy your music.
    When I play your c.d., memories of emotions that plagued me the numerous times I listened to it before, are remembered in a much more sweet light. Certain lyrics would be interpreted and recited, (often in the shower, or walking on my way to work) as my own words, which really may be main point of music, to identify with the artist and your own thoughts. And in my personal opinion, music is most impressionable and communicative form of artwork.

    I am afraid I have the advantage of hearing a bit of you through my speakers, and yet you may never know my voice, or trivial matter’s such as my favorite time of the day (Right when you wake up and before you remember who you are or what you must do), and which finger I point with , what pictures I buy (charcoals of trees, birds and churches) or how I sleep (curled without a pillow and no covers by morning).

    Musicians are very trusting to allow listeners to mutilate the meaning in your words, fitting in their minds cabinets, or unraveling your melodies to make dollies. Not that your words laced into dollies would be a the most terrifying fate, for the words I mean. The absolutely worst fate for a word is not even nonexistence, its being misquoted or changing drastically.

    This unfortunately is the impending doom that awaits most words like cabbage and trousers.
    I wonder if the absolutely worst fate for us in nonexistence, the fear for it must not transfer to the animal kingdom, for they don’t even have a name to pray to and yet seem to get along swimmingly. Einstein once stroked his mustache and muttered that fear of non-existence comes from our belief in the afterlife, which may very well be true, for we have a habit for assuming all that is good must be spiritual, or all that is spiritual must be good, and using religion as guide lines and rules as a way of living rather than inspiration of humanity and it is now that I must

    confess my own ignorance of how this note was supposed to start or end

    I sincerely enjoy your music.

  17. red_rocks

    I think the first song I heard by you was Forget It, and I took me away, the guitar playing, your voice, It was a great song. So now I have bought all your music and am really hoping to see more in the future.

  18. heaven

    i really like all of your music like truly it makes me so happy listening to every one of them
    i hope to see more from you

  19. Still a big fan!
    I follow you since your debut album from Jamendo! Keep it up!

  20. Ani

    I became a big fan of your work, really love your songs
    hope to hear more of them in the future!
    Life in a cave is one of my favorites!
    Keep up the great work!
    Hugs from Brazil, come visit us!

    PS: Forgive me for my bad english

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