Announcement: Trust LP Out Now | Download

I’m happy to finally write that the full length CD of Trust is available! The album is online at Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp. It was in production for some 4 years now. I’ve decided to make it downloadable for free. You can buy the physical CD for $14.99. Click here to read some reviews.

I’d like to press Trust on vinyl, so I’ll be using any proceeds made from sales or donations to fund it.


Reviews from Trust (EP):

Trust EP was six songs, which are included on the LP.

Romvari’s talent is undeniable, even eye-opening. His songs are lush with dreamy melodies, mellowed out, sluggish glaze, heart-felt lyrics, and even melancholy (on the song “Emerald Dream Thief,” which somehow reminds us a bit of Melpo Mene), but in a beautiful way, like artists such as Nick Drake and Elliott Smith were so good at. – IndieRockCafe

Trust EP is a surreal-sounding album, with hints of melodies which seem to transport you into your own world. The band’s name may be a bit contrasting with the album’s name (Trust + Imaginary seems to cancel each other out), but once you hear it, you’ll definitely appreciate it. –FrostClick

Ben writes beautiful, dreamy acoustic indie pop ballads that are equally reminiscent of Seven Swans-era Sufjan Stevens and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Acoustic guitar and lullaby-sweet lyrics are accented by glockenspiel flourishes.-MusicalPairings

I’d also like to thank Eric Chaves for his drumming work on this album. You can find him at


Sticky: Nocturnal Fables and Illusions | Download

Hello Visitors,

Here is an album I made a while ago (I’ve decided to make it easier to download, so, you can download it here, and if you find you enjoy it, maybe tell a friend or two.

1. Underwater Waltz download it

2. Black Sheep download it

3. Forget it download it

4. A Reason Why download it

5. Nostalgia, In Retrospect download it

6. Down is Through download it

7. My Self-centered World download it

8. Sleeping While Driving download it

9. Life in a Cave download it

10. Saline S. Sonata download it

11. Chloroform For Your Ears download it

12. The Last Living Man download it


Interested In Making A Music Video?

Well, the title pretty much says all I was thinking of. But basically, if anyone is into animation of any kind (I myself am a fan of stop-motion, 3D, and pretty much anything hand-drawn) I could use your help. You could choose any song you like, and make the video about whatever you feel like. If you need help coming up with some ideas, I could try and come up with some with you.

The video doesn’t necessary have to be animation either, if you have some other idea I’d love to see that too. Ideally, I’d like to have one for each of my songs.. it would help me get my music a bit more exposure I think, if done right. So anyway, if I get some replies, I will create a list here of which songs are being worked on, and by who, and hopefully might even get some collaboration going. Bye!

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CD Sales & Jamendo

I wanted to let people know how things have gone so far, as far as my record selling goes. Well, I’ve sold about as many as I’d expected, it makes me happy to know that there are even a few people out there who like it and want to listen to it enough to support me. So I appeciate that. Speaking of which, something that’s been very uplifting of late is that there have been a number of people looking at my work on a site called Jamendo and I’ve been getting very kind words from them, so I’d like to say thanks for that also. Jamendo works with the creative commons license by the way.

Now, I understand that since I’m actually giving my music away for free, the motivation to buy it slightly diminishes, so that makes sense. But, if you would like to help me, there is something I would find very helpful; that is, if you were to tell your friends about my music, or, if someone’s into being creative and making videos, then if they made a music video I’d be very grateful for that. I mean, I’ve had some ideas myself, but unless I have a team of cartoonists, or one very dedicated one, I doubt I could pull it off.

Jamendo : Free music